We provide inspection / certification services in strict accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS1891 Industrial Fall Arrest Systems and Devices, Part 3 - Fall Arrest Devices and Part 4 - Selection Use & Maintenance.


Further documents that we reference and comply with are Victorian Worksafe Regulations 2017 and specific manufacturers recommendations and requirements to ensure that all regular and programmed maintenance / inspections intervals are complied with.


Skyfall Access Safety will always conduct inspections and certifications to the  most stringent and regular intervals required. In some cases we will recommend a more regular interval of inspection due to harsh environments or excessive use. Frequency of use must also be considered when deciding inspection intervals.

Site and equipment owners and users must also give due consideration to labels, signage and documentation. Maintaining accurate and regular records of all inspection and certification activities is important to ensure that equipment is removed from service immediately after an arrested fall, due for inspection or removed from service and destroyed when life expired.

All documents relevant to the servicing and inspection of equipment must be made available to operators and end users of equipment if requested to ensure compliance with Australian Standards and other Statutory Regulations.