We design, supply and install a large range of systems compliant to Australian Standards AS/NZS1891:1-4 & AS1657-2013.

ANCHOR POINTS - roof mounted, concrete mounted and removable Anchor Points provide a cost effective solution to Fall Prevention. All anchor points are tested and certified on completion to Australia Standard AS1891:4 and supplied / fitted with ID compliance / certification tag. The most common type of roof anchor used today is the surface top mount. There are many other types of roof anchors on the market and it is important to ensure that you select the correct type to ensure not only compliance, but the safety of your employees and others such as contractors who may use them.

STATIC LINES - horizontal and vertical static line systems provide safe and easy access for anyone working at heights. Especially suited to workshop service bays where access is required to service equipment located on top of trams, trains and buses. Also well suited for allowing safe access along exposed roof edges and in vertical situations such as climbing ladders. The best static line systems allow the user to pass through intermediate hangers / brackets without the need to disconnect & reconnect themselves.


WALKWAYS & GUARDRAILS - walkways are available in both aluminium and FRP materials and provide a designated path to roof mounted plant & equipment. They also remove slip & trip hazards and eliminate damage to roof sheeting caused by foot traffic thus resulting in injuries and costly repair bills from roof water leaks. Guardrails are easily installed due to the modular design and lengths of up to 6.0m. Available for roof mounting or fixed to concrete substrates, Guardrails provide a permanent solution to unprotected fall edges.


LADDERS & STAIRS - modular design allows for quick easy installation without the need for costly crane hire. Most ladders can be fabricated on-site and are lightweight due to their aluminium construction. 

ACCESS PLATFORMS - custom design, load rated, modular work access platforms that provide not only safe access but safe work area for maintenance & servicing works around plant and equipment. The use of either aluminium with it's knurled surface or FRP with one of the highest strength to weight ratios of any material, will provide long life, durable non-slip surfaces that are highly corrosion resistant.

CONFINED SPACE ENTRY/RESCUE - confined spaces usually present difficult to access entry points with restricted means of entry/exit and risk of falls. They also present safety hazards when access points to Confined Spaces are open. Our innovative approach to providing a complete solution for permanent safety barriers, access via ladders and rescue/retrieval via davit systems will ensure easy to manage working in and around Confined Spaces.

CIVIL WORKS - we provide civil construction works to include concrete hardstands to ensure safe level work areas. We also design and construct concrete hardstand pads for cast insitu davit base sleeves. Site improvement works such as retaining walls will ensure a safe and hazard free work area.

ACCESS HATCHES - roof access hatches provide a safe and secure means of accessing a roof area. We strongly recommend sliding roof hatches as they are most likely to provide full compliance with AS1657-2013. Note it is important to ensure that ALL roof hatches are installed by a Licensed Roof Plumber. Failure to have a roof hatch installed by a Licensed Roof Plumber and Certificate of Compliance issued, may result in fines imposed by the state governing body the VBA (Victorian Building Authority). Likewise in all other states, roof hatches must be installed by a Licensed Roof Plumber and comply with any other requirements of that states Statutory Regulations.

CUSTOM FABRICATION - custom fabrication work for pit lids, ladders and platforms in galvanised steel, aluminium or stainless steel.

LINE MARKING - line marking to identify NO GO ZONES and/or EXCLUSION ZONES. Warning signs and/or information signs can also be used in conjunction with line marking  to provide safe areas of work.

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